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Total Wireless Technology - State-of-the-Art Energy Conserving Power System

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New Technology
Introducing the All New
SEKO Forklift Scale!   
Patented Technology

The SEKO Forklift Scale
is fabricated with high precision machining.
All fixture joints are superbly tight
with no room for dislocation.
There is no requirement
for unnecessary maintenance,
even after events of severe impacts.

The First Rugged and Accurate
Forklift Weighing System
designed to excel
in harsh and demanding environments!

SEKO Forklift Scales Incorporate Patented Construction
  Advanced Electronic State-of-the-Art Features
Accurate (and Affordable)
The SEKO patented linkage
and embedded scale system
 offers maximum flexibility,
producing excellent accuracy.
Better than +/- 0.2% of weighing capacity.
Better than
+/- 0.1% with Tilt Compensation.

EASY TO INSTALL (and Portable)
To install and remove the
SEKO scale is as simple
and fast as a standard fork.
NO Cables! - Install and weigh in five minutes!

No Operator Blind-Spots!

Accurate!   ROBUST - RUGGED (and Profitable) !
SEKO Scale systems are able to withstand head-on impact of more than 10X weighing capacity!
 (Video - Not a recommended practice!)

Our patented SEKO Forklift Scale replaces the flexure device with solid mechanical linkage in conjunction with the best friction reducer, a cylindrical roller bearing, which results in a very strong joint with great flexibility. This innovative design ensures real product toughness and excellent precision for accurate load measurements by this carriage-mounted fork scale.
New Splash AnimationAffordable Pricing, Friendly Sales, Convenient Rent/Lease and Purchase Financing:
SEKO scales can raise your existing profit level and aid to generate new productivity for new profits!

Please Contact Us for Multiple and Fleet Pricing, Delivery and additional information.
We offer generous programs for Discount Pricing, Lease, Rental and Purchase Financing.

SEKO - North America's State-of-the-Art Forklift Scale Supplier


Control/Indicators Accessories Prices
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