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ZERO Down Financing Payable in 12 monthly Payments at ZERO% Interest!
(Applicable sales tax and freight added toretail price.)
(Financing provided by Marlin Equipment Finance OAC)

SEKO Model - "Basic Cable"
Weigh Capacity
Shipping Weight
Cable SK-16 - ITA Class II 16" Carriage
5,550 lb / 2,500 kg
230 lb / 105 kg
Cable SK-20 - ITA Class III 20" Carriage 10,000 lb / 4,500 kg
265 lb / 120 kg
Cable SK-25 - ITA Class IV 25" Carriage 20,000 lb / 9,000 kg
530 lb / 240 kg

Please call for quotation.
All sales are FOB our plant in Rawlins, Wyoming 82301.
Delivery approx. Immediate to 6 weeks ARO.
50% payment with order, Balance upon Delivery.
5% equipment cost discount for full payment with order.

If your forklift operator travels to a floor scale 20 times per hour,
your savings can pay for your SEKO Forklift Scale in a few months
 and put $ profit in your bank account during the first twelve months!

You do the math with your actual numbers: (Time per shift spent weighing with floor scale) X (Hourly forklift costs = savings per shift)
Add the benefit of increased production per shift and this is your new profit from efficient SEKO onboard weighing!

You could save $50 to $100 or more per shift, per week IMMEDIATELY.
Your forklift operating cost savings pays for the scale - and earns a serious profit!

Your production increases immediately.
Economical? YES!
Affordable? YES!
Profitable? YES!

Call Today to Start Saving and Growing!
Toll-Free  800-594-9288
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Financing Plan.

SEKO Forklift Scale prices and terms are structured
to create an economical price and affordable acquisition method
for small businesses as well as for fleet operators.

Our direct sales policy provides the best pricing possible
with profitable negotiated dealer and fleet opportunities.

  • We accept check and bank transfer payments.
  • We accept purchase orders upon approval.
  • We offer convenient, economical and affordable credit and terms for small forklift owners and for fleet operators.
  • We offer a 5% hardware discount for full cash payment with the order.
* Consult your accountant for details.

Control/Indicators Accessories Prices
and Terms
Literature Contact
SEKO Scales
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